February 2023 Newsletter Love – Pastor Juan Feliciano

This month, as usual, we will be hearing a considerable amount about love. Our society, in its longing to acquire true love, has given itself to the task of defining, experimenting and being able to retain it as well. This is due to the fact that when true love is exercised between a couple the results are positive in areas of mental, social, and physical health (APA 2012). Therefore, living in a society in which 90% of the people are married before the age of 50 the topic becomes one of utmost importance. We, however, need to be careful of the definitions that our society has given to love and begin to question as soon as we hear them if they do in fact line up with God’s definition of love.

Using John 3:16 as a baseline, we can determine that God, who is love, demonstrated what love looks like to the world by given up of Himself through His Son Jesus Christ. Love therefore is about selfless giving; it does not seek its own as defined in 1Corinthians 13. All too often when listening to programs that are discussing the topic, we hear quite the opposite it is mostly about what can be obtained through love for our own benefit. This is clearly not the Godly way. True love can only be acquired through the one who is love, God. The Father is waiting with outstretched arms for all of those that are truly seeking love. This love, His love will end the searching that is in your heart.

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