September 2022 NEWSLETTER: THE GOSPEL TRUTH – Pastor Juan Feliciano

I once preached a series of messages about the Gospel of Jesus Christ in which I highlighted its power to transform, heal, restore and comfort. My leading for these sermons were based on the dire need we see our society in. For decades we have observed the proliferation of self-help remedies, the power of the mind to set us free from our current circumstance and even make us prosper, the power of self and group dynamics that can change the world as we know it today, etc. If a person from outside our country were to walk into any of our bookstores or libraries and evaluate our society without really knowing what takes place, they might come to the conclusion that we pretty much have it all together, if you will. However, those of us who live here every day know the grim reality we face daily. Having the technologies that exist today we have up-to-date news of all that takes place in our country immediately and what we have observed lately is nothing to rejoice about. It seems like we just get farther and farther away from being a prosperous and fulfilled nation and as a result we see many losing confidence and hope of seeing a better day in the future. This is why the American Psychological Association has posted as popular topics violence, depression, bullying, sexual abuse, hate crimes, natural disasters, suicide, divorce, racism, post-traumatic stress disorders, bipolar, and as of lately, premeditated acts of violence, all which seem to be the way of life as we know it today.
We, as God’s people, have had the opportunity to witness what God can do in a life that has decided to TRUST JESUS. We have experimented first-hand the work God has done in us and are constantly seeing Him at work in others. This is why Paul writing to the Romans said, “I am not ashamed of the gospel for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believes”. Paul saw how the gospel had transformed the Romans and countless others before them. He was able to make such a confident statement because he knew that it was not any performance of his that was making the changes needed in people lives, but simply the word of God that shall not go back void but will do His will in those that receive it. We know what Jesus can do in a person’s life and therefore we know that He is the answer. Jesus is the answer! We need with urgency to get the gospel truth out to the streets, in the marketplace and everywhere outside our four walls of the church. We know the answer; let’s give them the gospel truth!

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